Are you at that point in your life where you want a big change but feel stuck and need a push to make it happen?

You can have my support, through an individual coaching program in which I will put at your disposal my method that has already helped hundreds of people to achieve what they wanted in every area of their life. Read their testimonials!

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The method I have created is particularly powerful because it integrates the most advanced Personal Growth techniques with the Ancient Spiritual Knowledge of Humanity


My clients and students quickly obtain incredible results that often exceed their expectations, and sometimes even mine!
In the individual programs with me they regain their psycho-physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, reaching their self-realization also in the relational, professional and economic fields.
And so can you!
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This free interview is for you if

  • you no longer want to do the work all by yourself, or with the help of a book, or a video on youtube
  • you want a professional with a lot of experience by your side who will accompany you to obtain the change you want in an infinitely shorter time than it would take without having the necessary tools to face this process
During the free interview with me:
  • you can tell me at what moment of your life you are
  • you can describe to me your challenges and the goals you want to achieve
  • together we will evaluate how to customize a program for you that will lead you to achieve your goals
My individual programs are an exciting Journey in which you discover how to reconnect to the deepest parts of yourself, elevate your state of consciousness and activate your resources in a short time.
Sometimes we need someone who knows how to help us to bring out the best in us and to be able to free ourselves from what is wasting our precious time.



How far you can get doesn't depend on where you are now.
Where you can get to depends ONLY
how badly you want a change.
I can guarantee this to you because
I myself started from a disadvantaged situation
yet now I live the very life I wanted.
And the same goes for the many people I have helped
to build the life of their dreams.
Maybe you just need one last push,
or maybe you are still in total confusion,
that's not what matters.
I can promise you that
you can change your life,
you can realize yourself,
and you can be happy,
starting exactly from the point
where you are NOW.
Are you ready?!
I am there to give you all the support you need

My programs are for you if

you want to leave behind
  • confusion
  • uncertainty
  • negative thoughts
  • harmful habits
  • unpleasant emotions
  • unbalanced relationships
  • a life that is no longer for you
And you want to conquer
  • Serenity and Emotional Balance
  • Self-esteem and Security
  • A Positive and Empowering Way of Thinking
  • Healthy Habits
  • A Healthy and Fit Body
  • Strong energy
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Economic prosperity
  • Success
  • Connection to the brightest and most powerful part of you
  • Awareness of your "Soul Mission"
  • Participation in a Positive Event Flow
  • A pleasant sense of Spiritual Expansion
You can start this journey that will take you to the beautiful future you wish for, and maybe even beyond ... NOW!


About me and my method


I started researching in the field of personal growth and spirituality when I was 15 by attending my first Yoga and Meditation course, and I finished my first professional school as a hypnotist when I was 20.
Since then I have never stopped helping others.
I have become a Counselor and Mindset Coach, Pranotherapist, and Teacher of Personal Growth, Self-Hypnosis, Meditation and Alchemy.
I am 45 now, and during these 25 years of work I have experimented a lot and figured out which methods work best, and get good results in a short time, and which don’t.
I have selected only the best techniques and have built a truly POWERFUL method, which integrates the most advanced personal growth systems with spiritual knowledge of a thousand years.
This method has led my clients and students to quickly obtain the results they wanted in all aspects of their life. They have achieved physical, mental, emotional, relational, sentimental, and spiritual well-being, achieving success also in their career, in their economic goals and in the social field.
I am truly happy to be able to make this powerful method available to people like you who are ready to activate their self-healing, and achieve their own self-realization and spiritual evolution.
I am waiting for you!



Happiness is the result of Spiritual Evolution

Falco Tarassaco




  • Counseling and Coaching Interviews 
  • Empowering Behavioral and thoughts re-programming 
  • Transformation of Emotional Memories 
  • Mentoring on Food Style and Lifestyle 
  • Activation of Self-Healing 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Regression
  • Integration of polarities
  • Self-Hypnosis 
  • Meditation 
  • Breath Work 
  • Energy and Spiritual Healing 
  • Evolutionary Reading of Synchronic Events

You will also have access to

  • Personalized audio training
  • Exercises
  • A Daily Diary
  • Informational material

What you will achieve

  • Self-realization and Success in all fields
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Healthy Lifestyle, Physical Health and Ideal Shape
  • Love relationships with partners that are right for you
  • Good relationships
  • Abundant Vital Energy
  • Spiritual expansion
You will feel:
  • Centered
  • Confident
  • Positive
  • Energetic
  • Able to express your most beautiful features
  • Able to choose how to direct the events of your life


How are my programs structured


The programs are organized in cycles of individual one-on-one sessions, in a videoconference, during which you will go through several steps designed specifically to help you achieve your goals in the shortest time.


During the free interview with me you will be able to talk to me about your goals, and find out how I can help you achieve them through my method which has already led many of my students and clients to activate their personal power and realize their dreams, in every field.
Each of us sometimes gets stuck on some aspect of our life and needs help from “outside”. If this help comes from a competent person, who knows exactly what to do, the results will come faster than expected!
After this interview
  • You will understand  the personalized program I can help offer you
  • You will be able to evaluate if it is useful for you to start a journey with me
The interview is free and without obligation
Give yourself this chance to start the big change you want today!


My professional qualifications


  • Professional Counselor and Coach graduated from Aspic in Rome
  • Communication and Human Resources Management expert certified by the Italian Gestalt Society
  • Hypnotist and Self-Hypnosis Teacher accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the largest association of Professional Hypnotists in the world
  • Alchemy Teacher and co-Curator of the Alchemy School at Damanhur Independent University
  • Teacher of Meditation Techniques at Damanhur Independent University
  • Damanhurian Spiritual Healer graduated in Pranotherapy and specialized in Selfic Treatments at Damanhur Independent University
  • Body-Mind Acupressure Operator graduated from the Body Mind Center in Brescia
  • Awareness through Movement Teacher (Feldenkrais method)
  • Shiatsu operator certified by the Shiatsu Do Academy
Making people able to master them selves, be happy, and capable of realizing their dreams is my the mission for which I have specialized in over 25 years of research and work. 
I love this job because I believe that happy people, constantly growing, their life in hand are the ones who can change the world.
Do you want to be one of them?



Do you want to get rid of everything that still blocks you, activate your personal power and conquer the life you feel is right for you?
You can have all my support
Take your life to the next level
Elevate your state of consciousness
Increase your energy
Unleash your power
Improve your health
Live your soul mission
And above happy as you make your dreams come true
while making the world a better place!
I am with you

Tucano Noni





Over the years we have attended Tucano’s courses, with great benefits for our soul. A few months ago our mom fell ill with pancreatic cancer. We have chosen to rely on her for the spiritual and mental part, and to set up a lifestyle and food regimen to support self-healing. We strongly believe that our mind, our will is stronger than any other human physical aspect. Her sessions produced the desired results. In addition to giving our mother serenity and self-awareness, she pushed her to act and want to heal with strength and awareness. Thanks Tucano, for the love you give and the passion for your work. Professional, capable, attentive, sweet and empathetic.

- Marina Loi and her daughters Annalisa and Giò


Whether it's a program on personal growth or anything else you can do with Tucano, it will leave an impression, give you more maturity, challenge you, help you, stimulate you, do it! I highly recommend it. And I recommend it even more to give you the opportunity to get to know Tucano, who is not only a counselor, but she is, first of all, a friend. Thank you with all my heart

- Lara Dabormida


Certainly not by chance, I met Tucano and received from her some pranotherapy sessions in her studio. I must say that after receiving the first sessions I began to feel better, until I felt again full of positive energy to face my life with serenity. Later I did another type of reprogramming with Tucano to transform old memories and deep wounds that prevented me from having real and constructive relationships with others ... that's why I feel I can say that Tucano is a serious therapist and prepared and recommend her to those who need help ... I wish a good life to all!

- Gualtiero Iorio


I recommend Tucano as I consider her a high-level professional, empathetic, with many years of experience able to naturally understand people's needs by offering them the possibility to learn techniques to improve their lifestyle and their mental and physical condition.

- Luca Cantoni


We often don't see the situation while we are in it, and we need an external eye to see objectively. Thank you Tucano for bringing clarity and light into our sessions. Personally one of the most amazing qualities of my experience with Tucano is also that she is always there when you need her … whenever I had a doubt or a question she was there to explain it to me in depth.

- Nimesha Baghia


Thanks to Tucano I now feel more in control and I am able to manage more complex problems than in the past. I can recommend taking these paths because sometimes in life to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable you need a little help from an expert.

- Daniela Petrelli


In difficult moments I have experienced Coaching with Tucano, and being a Dream Coach myself, I can truly appreciate her listening behind the words, her intelligent questions and above all her deep love and care. Thank you Tucano for your support and your spiritual guidance.

- Voula Florou

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