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What is your true Desire?


Soul Code is a path of incredible power in which you will learn the most advanced techniques to realize your desires and express the most evolved and extraordinary parts of you. 
You will also discover how to recognize your soul purpose and how to eliminate everything that has blocked you up to now.

All of this will allow you to take every aspect of your life to the next level.

You may be wondering how this method can be so powerful.

The reason is that I have selected the most avant-garde personal growth techniques and merged them together with very profound spiritual refinement practices, coming from the ancient wisdom schools of the world, those in which the magical and alchemical tradition is handed down.

The result is so powerful.

Soul Code contains information and practices that you cannot find anywhere else and that will give you fantastic mastery in managing yourself and events.

You will receive a lot of information and you will experience the most powerful techniques of manifestation of desires, personal growth and development of spiritual potential thanks to which you will activate a process of transformation on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level that will revolutionize your life from all points of view, taking it to the next level.

Over the years, what I have seen happen to the hundreds of people to whom I have taught this method is that not only have they managed to realize the wishes they expressed in the beginning, but they have achieved much more ..

You know why?

The reason is that this method leads you to reveal deep and powerful new aspects of yourself triggering a process of exponential expansion in your consciousness and in your life.
After having achieved the first results you realize that you ARE, and therefore you WANT much more than what you had imagined at the beginning.

And the great thing is that at this point you have all the tools you need and you know exactly how to get it.
Everything will be enriched with a little personal alchemy and inspirations that come from your past lives

I'll write more details about the program soon, for now what I can tell you are these three things:

1. Your life will never be the same again

2. The extraordinary will become your ordinary

3. You will love taking this trip

Are you ready?

If what you are reading resonates within you I suggest you ask for more information now, because those who subscribe now access Soul Code at a SUPER DISCOUNTED EARLY BIRD price (and I don't know how long I will leave this possibility open)

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The program lasts a year, and you are personally followed by me and surrounded by a fantastic group from which to draw inspiration.

The course includes 2 LIVE meetings per month, of 3 hours each, which happen on Zoom and are recorded and recoverable.

In addition to these you can participate, if you want, in group mentoring sessions and be followed individually.

You also have access to highly transformative materials in video, audio and pdf format, to be used between meetings.


Through experimentation I have learned to place the modules in an effective progressive sequence, as each module creates the basis for the next.

And now let me describe them to you

Module # 1: Energy Shift

In this module you learn to take good care of your energy, find out how to recharge yourself and how to create a higher vibration for yourself.
The result of the work is that you feel relaxed, light but strong, lucid and balanced.
And this will have an astonishing effect on your life.
Energy shift is the first module precisely because without the right amount and quality of energy you do not have the strength to move from where you are and create something new.
You will also learn how to get help from the forces of Nature in this process

Module # 2: Manifestation of Desires - first level 
Here you learn the most powerful techniques for manifesting desires and begin to apply them to every area of your life: career, health, relationships, family, spirituality. Basically you start creating the life of your dreams.

Module # 3: Reprogramming - first level 
In this module you learn how to create the new version of yourself, uninstall limiting programs and creating empowering ones.
You'll build confidence and self-esteem that will allow you to express your personal power in the face of any challenge.

Module # 4: Beyond Meditation

Here you will unveil the DIVINE principle that is in you and reconnect to its power. You will experience a state of limitlessness, strength and happiness that only your most spiritual side can bring you to experience.
This luminous/bright state of consciousness will have a deeply healing effect on you and change your perception of reality
Maybe you will even get to visit the "room that contains all the answers"

Module #5: Emotional Mastery - Turn your emotions into superpowers -
Emotions are powerful forces that, if not consciously managed, move us from the direction we have chosen.
In this module you learn to manage them so that they become the living fuel that pushes you in the direction of your dreams making you live the journey with passion.
Module #6: Regression (2nd level reprogramming) -
 A course in treasure hunting and rebirth -

In this module we will go into your past, of this life, and other lives, and draw on resources that you need to find and use now. We will also reinterpret some past events so that they no longer hinder you but rather become points of strength.

Module #7: Soul Purpose - What is your true desire?
To orient your desires even better and to have the maximum motivation to make them come true, it will also be useful to know the purpose of your soul which is in fact your deepest desire and acknowledging it gives you a lot of energy

Module #8: Self Healing
Here you learn how to activate the chemistry in your body that it needs to start the self - healing process. And since body and soul are connected you will also have the opportunity to heal the inner wounds that you will detect by working on your body

Module #9: Healthy and evolved lifestyle - Sleep, eat and move like an Alchemist would-

In this module you learn to use your body as a magical tool that helps you in building a successful life. Your lifestyle greatly influences your physical but also emotional and mental state, which is why it has a big impact on the results you can achieve in every field. it can hinder or support you.
Through this course you learn how to build (and how to maintain, which is the hard part) an empowering and pleasant self-discipline that you choose for yourself.

Module #10: Refine your Relational and Communication Skills

Here you learn to express yourself clearly and harmoniously both with yourself and with others.
You acquire the tools to more easily manage family, work, couple relationships, and friendships 
And this is what you need, because the others are always out there, and so whatever you want to accomplish you will have to deal with them.
Also I'm sorry to tell you, but there's another thing...we are social animals, so without the others around, you will not be able to reach your maximum evolution nor even your maximum happiness. No big dream can be built by you alone and others will show you sides of reality that you would never be able to see alone

Module #11: Activate your Extra-Ordinary faculties and ride the waves of Synchronicity
In this module you learn to "read reality" at a higher level by activating intuitive skills and using sign reading systems. You will be able to receive and decode information about possible futures, and insights about unexpected ways to manifest the future you want.

Module #12: Manifestation of Desires - second level 
With this module, you will acknowledge how to make miracles part of everyday life and you will ultimately embody the most powerful and luminous version of yourself, living the life of your dreams in complete alignment with your soul purpose.







  • the most advanced techniques for the manifestation of desires
  • empowering mental and emotional reprogramming
  • the discovery of the purpose of your soul in this life
  • the connection with your spiritual center and its power


  • Energy mastery
  • the power of Thought
  • the power of the Word


  • activation of your talents
  • integration of your inner polarities


  • development of elevated states of consciousness
  • meditation
  • dreams


  • lifestyle
  • creating new habits
  • self-discipline


  • the body
  • the breath


  • activation of the body’s self-healing


  • self-hypnosis
  • transformation of the memories 
  • development of unshakable self-esteem and deep love for yourself


  • effective communication systems
  • relational style harmonization


  • contact with the forces of Nature


  • reading of signs to address synchronicity
  • the use of extra sensory faculties


  • Everything will be enriched by a bit of personal alchemy and insights coming from your previous lives.




  • the past (to draw power from it and when it will need to be rewritten)
the present (to learn to stay in the here and now)
the future (to create it exactly how you want it))


Soul Code will give you the ultimate boost to take the quantum leap you want and start embodying the most advanced and powerful version of you.

You will deeply transform and begin to think, feel and act in a new way by expressing your brightest and most extraordinary nature through every molecule of your being.

The natural consequence of this process will be the ultimate manifestation of the life of your dreams.

It's going to be an EPIC year

Are you in?


Ask for more information now or book your free introductory interview.

Those who sign up now have access to a very discounted price (I don't know how long I will leave this possibility open)





Soul Code will start in January and will last 12 months

There will be 6 hours of lessons with me per month, distributed 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, the lessons will be LIVE on Zoom. They will all be recorded and recoverable.
It will also be possible to participate in a single module, on the theme of the month, but for now registrations are open only to the full annual course at a discounted early bird price.

It will be possible to participate in 3 different plans




  • 6 hours of LIVE theoretical and practical lessons per month, (lessons are recorded and are recoverable)
  • Exercises and materials for working at home
  • Private Facebook group, to receive updates, contents and exchange information with other Soul Code members.
  • Support via email (reply within 24 hours)




  • Everything in plan 1
  • Participation in group coaching facilitated personally by me lasting an hour and a half every 15 days. In these coaching sessions we work in depth with different techniques on the theme of the module of the month, experimenting and sharing the results and difficulties in a group, in order to get the most out of the path using the energy and precious experiences of each one, and my supervision and facilitation.




  • Everything that is in plan 1 and 2
  • 3 individual sessions with me, of an hour and a half each, in which different things will happen according to your specific needs. They are meant to help you to better orient your path and go to face together the obstacles that may be blocking you. I make available to you all the tools I use in my individual programs







The entire course will cost $1,750 paid in full 
It can also be deferred and in that case the monthly fee is: $175 per month x 12 months 


The whole year costs $ 3,050
Paid monthly it costs $ 305 per month x 12 months



The whole year costs $ 4,100 
Paid monthly it costs $ 410 x 12 months 



If you have decided that it is time to invest in yourself

If you have understood that to take your life to a next level you must express your inner power

If you feel the time is right for a big change is NOW


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