A course in three levels

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The human being is a magical, three-dimensional symbol capable of connecting to the laws that regulate life in the cosmos. When we find our perfect energy balance, we are able to efficiently use our complete essence to interact with and shape the varied forms present in the worlds around us.


Each one of us is a fractal of the Universe with which we share a Divine Matrix.


The practice of Inner Harmonization activates your physical and subtle components, stabilizes their existence in the world of Form, and strengthens your power to create through words and thoughts. For the practitioner that seeks inner peace and to reawaken the divine spark, it is a path toward enlightenment; for those who seek to realign the chakras and cleanse the aura, it provides a structured meditative practice easily incorporated into daily life.

The origins of Inner Harmonization date back to the time of Atlantis, where it was a widespread practice used to give meaning to actions, emotions and perceptions, to manifest desires with certainty, and to live life as a continual expression of evolved intelligence. It is a discipline based on expanding consciousness and well-suited in this modern era to reconquer skills and knowledge once lost.


Throughout this three-level course, you will be taught a series a physical and subtle exercises to progressively increase your range of perception. By practicing the breathing techniques, sounds and positions, you develop your sensorial sensibility and give new energy and new "existence" to the processes that are happening inside and outside yourself, increasing their ability to interact on the ethereal and corporeal planes.


Level 1

Sounds and Breathing: It begins with the breath—the entrance to the inner self. Sound is used to stimulate the energy centers in the body (Chakras, or Adonajba in Sacred Language): listening, singing, identifying the sound within. Each exercise is made of precise movements fundamental on the path toward harmony, inner peace and balance.


Level 2

Colors and Aura: The second step makes us aware of our subtle dimension, which we learn to perceive, expand and strengthen. Color is the element that nurtures us and expands our aura, allowing us to realize how far we can extend and what our real potential is.


Level 3

The "Happy Positions": In this level you learn and practice the positions which evoke fully conscious participation and awareness of reality. After working at the individual and collective level, and with the re-activated consciousness of your true potential, it is now possible to contact the "race minds" of other species: animals, plants, forces of nature.




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