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The Damanhurian School of Alchemy offers, from an alchemical point of view, a fascinating, profound and intimate journey that leads you to investigate the secrets held within human beings and the spiritual ecosystem of which we are a part.

The School of Alchemy offers a path of knowledge that focuses on a particular field, namely the “alchemy of living forces”. Here the manipulation of substances occurs primarily in the principle Atanor which the alchemist has at their disposal. That is to say, your body which is considered the holistic result of an extraordinary complexity of physical, emotional, and subtle energies.

Substances and energies which are manipulated outside of yourself are always considered alive. In the Damanhurian approach this manipulation outside of yourself results, at the same time, in an intimate transformation within.


You are guided on a journey beginning with an exploration of your potential and your ability to manage it. The result in the end is alchemical gold; the awakening of your divine spark.

Tools and knowledge, unique to our school, will be given to you, and through these it will be possible to develop exercises and personal rituals which, if practiced conscientiously, will open the way to refinement and expression of your magical potential.

Among the processes you will explore are; management and exploration of physical and subtle bodies; deepened use of external and internal senses; management of emotions as a substance; time as an alchemical element; how to build and use magical tools prepared for you; learn to interact with entities that live in the subtle planes; contact with the Elements of Nature; use of magic geometries; learn about psychic patterns; explore the rituals and traditions of Ancient Magic.

In the end, the alchemist is an eclectic artist who aspires to achieve completeness in every aspect of life. You will also learn how social life and art are connected to alchemy. This and more will lead to the creation of “potions” useful for your refinement. And of course, all of this will be in the alchemical laboratory that you will be building.




First year

In the first year, your body and its possibilities are explored as the first alchemical Atanor and you will work to refine your perception as a tool in the practice of Alchemy. 

You will learn how to use the ancient alphabet of magic, geometries, gestures, schemes, personal rituals and your first personal magic tools.

You will come into contact with the elements of nature and the parts of your personality connected to them, both feminine and masculine, giving to each of them the right space and value. This process will give you the chance to know more of yourself and feel empowered.

You will learn also how to produce substances and potions and how to have an alchemical lifestyle. Psychic patterns and selfic structures are also provided to do the necessary work for your preparation as an Alchemist. In addition, walking circuits and spirals will be part of the training of your subtle structure.


Second year

You will learn how to manage your perception at an advanced level and how to move in space and in time with your subtle bodies.

You’ll learn how to use “time” as a substance to densify chosen timelines, and as a territory to travel back and forth in.  The elements and substances you can produce within the dream realm will be explored too.

You’ll also work more on your subtle structure and you will learn the art of reading the signs and using future readings as well as the alchemical readers technique that will allow you to receive information and to move with your perception in other dimensions.


Third year

In the third year you will learn how to use sound, words, and gestures in the Alchemy practice, and you will gain the knowledge of Sacred Language and Sacred Dance.

With the tools acquired in the previous years you will learn how to create personal magic tools, how to apply alchemy to art, to healing, and how to use the forces of nature to create entities, the Chimeras, that can help extend your potential as an alchemist.

Social alchemy will also be studied, where group dynamics will lead you in an alchemical relation to the most powerful elements you can use to produce evolutionary effects on yourself: others.

Over the three years you will discover more about your skills and interests and you might choose to specialize in some of the branches of alchemy and you will be able to develop a personal research, followed by the teachers and with the group you are part of.


From 3 to 6 pm and from 7 to 10 pm (CET)


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