Evolutionary Reading of the Synchronic Events

Evolutionary Reading of the Synchronic Events

Get useful insights by connecting to the unified field that connects all events through Tarot and Seven Stones Readings.


Tarot cards are an ancient system that uses archetypal language to communicate with our deeper parts, helping us to find inspiration. Tarot cards are mirrors that reflect all the synchronic possibilities that the universe offers us. They help us to see our present from a broader perspective, highlighting the forces at work that play for us and those that hinder us, both within and around us, so that we can make the best use of our resources to achieve what we want for ourselves, it is important to understand that we are the ones who create our future, moment by moment, through the use of our greatest power, free will.

The Seven Stones

The Seven Stones are a traditional Damanhurian divination system capable of clearly showing the forces that are active in the situation we need inspiration about, giving important advice.

The book of Synchronicity

This book of wisdom always brings very interesting ideas to reflect on which often make you change your logic and find unexpected solutions. You could consult it yourself if you have a copy, or I can consult it for you, helping you with the interpretation of the answer, in addition to the other readings we will do.


It will be useful for you to have an answer that broadens your vision and provides valuable advice.


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