Emotional Rebalancing

Emotional Rebalancing

Make your emotions your strength, always

This treatment will help you transform emotional states that are activated automatically and that you perceive as invasive, or non-evolutionary for you, into emotional states that energize your growth and enrich you.

Emotions are energies that move within us both in response to external stimuli and to internal stimuli, such as thoughts or memories.

On a physiological level, they are a chemical signal that is released and spreads throughout the body, creating reactions that bring us physical well-being or discomfort. Emotions also activate certain genes that bring us health or disease by modifying our immune response, enhancing it or suppressing it. All this is demonstrated by those branches of science called epigenetics and psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology.

Emotions therefore create a physical state, but not only that. They also activate a certain type of response in our mind, a certain state of mind, clarity or confusion, for example, and recall thoughts that are useful or harmful to us.

All of this also generates upheavals in our energy field: emotions can create an "overflow" state in some parts of our energy field and energy holes in others.

That said, you understand for yourself how emotions are a very powerful element that can drastically change your perception of yourself and your life, leading you to make decisions in a different way depending on the emotional state you are in that moment.


There are no negative or positive emotions; pain, anger, fear, inform us that we must be careful, that our needs are not met and that we must act to find solutions.

Melancholy makes us poetic and can lead us to create things in our life that we otherwise would never have created.

The point is that sometimes emotions are connected to very intense past experiences, and therefore, when we approach that experience or one that reminds us of it, a response program starts and the emotion connected, which is amplified so much. to become a cyclone that overwhelms us.

This is not good because we lose leadership of ourselves and therefore our free will.

Your automatic emotional reactions are generated by your previous life experiences, the education you have received and other factors, however they can be defused.


You are not your emotional reactions and you can go further, you are so much more.


And the solution is not to stop feeling emotions.

Indeed, feeling emotions, and not avoiding them, is very important because they are the "salt" of life, they give energy and depth to our experience.

What we need is just to be able to manage our emotional states so that they turn into living fuel that pushes us in the direction of our evolution.


I can help you discover a really deep place inside you full of strength, and freedom and, through simple methods, we''ll activate positive emotional responses in you, which will help you feel good and  live the different situations in which you find with serenity and positivity


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