Healthy and Fit lifestyle mentoring

Healthy and Fit lifestyle mentoring

Choose to have a healthy and fit body, learn to love yourself, look good and above all feel good!

Do you want to change your lifestyle, move more, eat better to have more energy and really like who you see in the mirror?


If you feel confused among a thousand different healthy diets that you cannot follow, if the detox systems seem beautiful to you but you are not very successful using them, if you would like to move your body more, but in the end you always procrastinate, and in the end you would not even know where to start, because you also have not so much time ....... do not be discouraged, I can help you! 

I have already helped many people to create a healthier lifestyle, suitable for them, sustainable and practicable, that made them feel more clear-headed and energetic, and gave them back the physical shape they wanted. I have also supported many people who needed to heal with a diet and a bit of movement

I have studied all this for many years and applied it for myself and I can explain to you everything that can be useful to you and compatible with your daily routine.

We are not all the same!

And not all of us can achieve the same results through the same path, it is important to build a suitable one to be able to follow it.

I know different techniques, to tone and make the body elastic gradually and pleasantly, and I have many notions about how to acquire a healthy eating style, suitable for the person and his/her life.

Food often becomes an addiction, it is not just a matter of will, very often it is necessary to find the needs that the person satisfies with food and understand how to satisfy them in a different and more healthy and enjoyable way.


I do this with special counseling and reprogramming sessions in which we go to defuse the non-positive behaviors that we want to get rid of.


Physical movement is also often not a problem in itself, but there may be limiting beliefs that prevent us from starting to move, such as: "I'm not good at that", "I've never done it before", or: "it's tiring, it's not for me, I don't like it" or, the more common: " I don't have the time ". Maybe these beliefs were born from bad experiences with a teacher, or with a boring sport, or just because the family thought this about physical movement.

Instead just a few minutes a day are enough sometimes, and there are really nice techniques that can change our life for the better. 


You just need to change your mindset, and imagine how nice it will be to get the result you want.

We are not all the same!


We will work on all this together if you want, I can help you make the change you want, as many people have already done, people who started exactly where you start from, or maybe from much further back.

Our body is an Alchemical laboratory and depending on how we feed, move, think, it produces different chemicals and energy states that influence our states of consciousness and our personal evolution

This is why I deeply love the healthy lifestyle that I have studied and experimented, also making mistakes in the beginning, in a research that has lasted since I was 18. 

Now I love to pass on my passion to those who work with me ... you will see, you will be happy to make this change and learn to love yourself by taking care of your body, gently and pleasantly! 


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