Know (and if necessary change) your past to create the future you want

Regression techniques allow you to investigate and reinterpret the events of your past that have created blocks, fears, anxieties or limiting beliefs in you about life but above all about yourself, and what you are, and what you can achieve.

This "rewriting" of past events frees you from their negative influence by transforming them into a source of personal power, wisdom and love for yourself.

Regression can also lead you to connect with powerful parts of yourself that you are not yet fully aware of.

Regression is carried out with a special technique that uses an expanded state of consciousness and a very deep and pleasant relaxation.

Memories emerge easily, sometimes even in symbolic form.

They are reworked on an emotional and cognitive level and their influence is completely transformed, taking it from being a de-empowering element to an empowering one.

It is a true transformation of the past that ceases to be a territory made up of dark and dangerous areas and becomes a sunny garden, full of nutritious and precious fruits that can nourish you and help you be the most powerful and wise version of yourself.

This process does not involve reliving events in a traumatic form. It is a profound and pleasant process that assists you to experience a great inner strength and awareness.

The events of the past change in their value and become what in fact they should be: a source of love for life, and activators of hidden powers and talents.

Regression can deal with the memory of this life, but also, if necessary, with past lives.

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I contacted Tucano because I was attracted to regression. After the first free meeting, we have defined the first appointment. Accompanying her in the regression was really profound, very helpful. Her quiet and ... Read more »

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