Activate your Spiritual Power and Extra-Ordinary Faculties

Activate your Spiritual Power and Extra-Ordinary Faculties

Some times we feel we are more than just our body, our thoughts, or our emotions. 

Indeed, we are much more than that.

With this program you learn how to experiment with very refined new states of consciousness, connecting to a wider part of yourself where your spiritual power resides. Being able to tune into this most immense part of yourself will help you achieve a faster and deeper evolution in this life, also overcoming more easily the things that imprison your consciousness including insecurity, anxiety, even the fear of death. 

Accessing this part, if you want, also allows you to learn how, through specific techniques, to use your extra-ordinary (paranormal) faculties. You can choose to activate a specific one, such as telepathy, dousing, psychometry, astral perception, clairvoyance, future perception, and more, depending on what your natural aptitudes are and the goals are that you want to achieve. 


This program is includes:


  • meditation lessons
  • prana applications at a distance
  • selfica activation for a NON ordinary state of consciousness
  • lessons to activate and develop extra-ordinary faculties 
  • exercises


My name is Tommaso Monticelli, I am 15 years old and I am very passionate and interested in esotericism: alchemy, paranormal faculties, and divination are some of the many topics to which I feel I am deeply connected. ... Read more »

- Tommaso Monticelli


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