Integration of Polarities

Integration of Polarities

The most advanced schools of psychology and hypnosis, as well as the ancient traditions of the world tell us that we are a complex system, and that our personality is composed of sub-personalities: we are a person, but we are also a whole of different "characters". We have wise, warrior, child, male, and female parts in us.
These polarities sometimes "pull" us in opposite directions, have different desires, goals, and needs.
Some of them, on the other hand, express themselves too little and we cannot access the specific power they bring, as it would be useful for us.
Often these different parts would need to start agreeing with each other to not create problems for us but rather to work in synergy.

This program will help you connect with them, understand their potential and heal their wounds by teaching them to work as a team.


This program includes:

  • Initial Counseling Interview
  • Polarity Integration Sessions
  • "Diary" that can be filled in to effectively carry out the work on the polarities
  • Tarot Reading Session or advice from the Book of Synchronicity to investigate your polarities
  • Exercises to be done during the week


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